Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Step, step, step some more

The pedometer is going better than expected for Bill. My pedometer isn't working as well as I thought it was going to for me. Bill easily gets a ton of steps at work. He got 17,000 one day last week. I am lucky if I hit 3,000 a day. I know, I know -- You are thinking well walk more. Not so easy though. Its winter here so walking outside is not going to happen. When Bill comes home from work at night, I go to work till I go to bed. There isn't time for me to work out and still be able to sleep. I already am not getting enough sleep. I know it sounds like I am making excuses. I am hoping that when we go to Arizona in a couple of weeks that we will be able to kick butt with steps.

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Candy said...

I want to get a pedometer to try to bump up my walking/exercise. Sounds like a good idea, however it is winter here too