Thursday, February 21, 2008


Having been a salesperson myself in the past, I hate it when people come into my home to give me estimates and they have obviously not had any Sales Training. I can tell a rehearsed speal when I hear one. It is how well they can make it sound natural that impresses me since everyone is usually work of some sort. Even when I sold lia sophia, you had some basically talking points you tried to work into your presentation. You can get Sales Training to make you a better salesman and more people really need take advantage of it. I have had so many companies in my house the last couple of weeks to give me estimates and most of sales people were only okay. They were not great. However, if you want to earn my business, you need to give me a good price and be a good salesman. Actually, the less you act like a "typical used car salesman", the better it is for you. Lastly, do not get an attitude with me when I tell you no and that we need to think about it. That attitude does not make me want to do business with you. Instead, it makes me want to run far far away and not use your service.

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